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Post Christian Chronicle, An Update

For those of you following this blog, I have a new one, and it is called the Post Christian Chronicle ( I write about primarily the same things I write about here, while trying to make it more research-driven (as much as I can). In effect, I am leaving behind Tomes of Bragi, perhaps for good. I might post some poetry here, but not much prose. If you are at all alarmed by the name of the website, don’t be. It is not by any means another atheist blog, though I do have a certain degree of respect for people who go that route, as I have put forth here on this blog, sometimes atheists show God more respect than Christians do, if that could make any sense in any situation (I will not elaborate any here).

It is so called for a few reasons, and first and foremost is that we have left the Christian era, for better or worse. We are beginning to leave behind Christian lore, values, and many other things associated with the religion. What does that mean for us as a species, as a people group, as a nation? I want for this blog to look closely at the answers to this question and reconcile with them, but I will focus on a great many other topics. I would also like the Post Christian Chronicle to be a joint effort. I’m extending the offer to anyone interested. Follow me on Twitter @ElwinRBlogs or send me an email at if you would like to get involved.

On Homosexuality, Part 1

It is a topic of national interest in today’s world. No, in fact, it is almost a topic of international interest, when scrutinized closely.

I am of course, talking about homosexuality and gay marriage. Read more…

What’s the Difference?

I know this is sort of old news right now, but I want to broach it anyway, and to free-associate, not trying to come to any immediate solution.

I will talk about the Boston bombings and the idea that Tsarnev should not have been read his Miranda Rights. Read more…

The Importance of the Soul

I know I have promised a post on homosexuality, but I have been busy, and do not have the time to do proper research required for the task. Instead, this post will springboard off of my last post, delving into a topic that amazes me from time to time: the soul. Read more…


We tend to do it to other humans, and it is a way of exerting authority over our brethren, or simply explaining phenomenon or the unusual or strange in other people. Read more…

Candle in the Wind

As I have said in my last post, I am desirous of this blog to become like good journalism, and to draw several opinions and viewpoints together and reach a conclusion, as best as I can. But it is still, nonetheless, an opinion blog, and the truth must be told, but told in a loving and graceful way.

You have heard all the doom-and-gloom messages, maybe even some are lurking around on this blog. I can assure you right away that I tend to exaggerate. But there are those in this warped world who do not intend on exaggerating, and believe every word that comes out of their mouth when they say that the world is ending and everyone is going to hell in a hand basket; likewise, there are those that say this nation is going down, and that God hates it, and that God will destroy it because of homosexuality or the “liberal agenda,” not least Fox News and those affiliated with them. And there are others that spread the doom-and-gloom message not because of the fabled liberal agenda, but because of the economic collapse. And here are where things get murky.

Sequestration is the talk of the town in the right-wing neighborhood. MSNBC’s Washington’s Mall program continues to harp on the unemployment rates and the cutting of the budget, and how some people are employed but without work. This is a terrible situation, and it really should not be allowed to happen. And I will say right here that this blog is not interested in giving lip-service to either Obama or the GOP. This blog is only interested in the truth, and politicians tend to warp the truth, and this has been the case since Clytemnestra and Agamemnon. And that is what I meant by murky. The truth is entangled with lies or half-truths, especially with the data we have.

Back to the doom-and-gloom. The underlying problem with the Tea Party movement and the GOP is that they have no faith in humanity. The problem, perhaps, with liberals is that they have too much. What I am suggesting is that one inch closer to socialism, for the Republican Party and their affiliates, is a mile. This blog will not give lip service, however, I will say that truth, liberty, and justice for all is desired. No politicians can give that. Only we the people can. No government can give that. Why I am a liberal independent, however, is not because of Fox News or because I don’t want to work hard – it is because the very plan to create truth, liberty and justice for all, for Republicans, is only a plan that generates bastards. This is the Ian Rand mentality, and this is the drive behind Romney’s campaign. The strongest rise to the top, and the uninformed, the weak, the miserly, and the homeless are thrown to the bottom. How ironic it is, as I have said on this blog, that the Republicans tend to be the most outspoken Christians. Yes, working hard is meritorious for Jesus, but becoming a selfish asshole is not. America commands the former, and rewards the latter. The Democratic Party, however much their leader is screwing up in terms of making America a better place, does not have any business rewarding assholes, at least not corporate ones.

This is not new. In fact, what is relatively new is human beings treating each other as such. The next generation, I think, will do great things and will help the world be a better place to live through working hard, making new innovations, and helping people in a menagerie of situations. The grumpy old men in the Republican Party and the Tea Party movement can have their golden age, I want a world worth celebrating and living in. Money is a problem? Maybe in the future we will abolish money. Maybe that was the liberal agenda all along. And it really doesn’t sound so bad. We Americans tend to forget about other people in the world, too, who suffer horrid situations, and have much bigger problems than budget cuts and sequestration. The white man Republican high-horse of entitlement is high indeed.

If the apocalypse comes tomorrow, it would be less the liberal’s fault and more the conservative’s. I think that God, if he has any thoughts about humans, would want us to look to the future instead of dwelling on “how things used to work.” It’s always because of backward thinking that lives are lost, misunderstanding occurs, and wars are waged. Really, it seems that conservatives are just close-minded and afraid of change. Our futures are ahead of us. Let us grab hold of our lives and make the best of every situation.

So, as I said, it is the people’s responsibility to make this world better, and not the government. But then, I sound like the Republican Party, yes? Well, sort of. The government is people, too. Moreover, would it not be great if we could live out our lives doing the things we love, instead of simply working hard and forcing others to work hard, hating what we do? A life is a candle in the wind. This planet’s lifespan is a candle in the wind. Why waste a life doing nothing but work, never once having fun? If that is all we have, truly that is sad. Would it not be best to make every single life on this planet one that was meaningful, happy, and fulfilling? And if that means changing the way things are done, and not relying on the old tradition’s training wheels, well, so be it.

Back to the economy. It is not a happy place. In fact, the data does not allow for anything but the most frugal spending on the government’s part, and it looks like Obama will not let up on his spending, sequestration aside. But the world’s always changing. There is room for hope in the human race, and there is hope for this planet.

Wrapped up in the truth are lies and half-truths. For us to live lives worth living, we must work together, Republican or Democrat, Christian or Muslim, black or white. Those who would shut themselves off from their neighbor and create enmity just because of differing views, religions, or skin color, are the ones who are most likely to be the ones to throw the first stone. We are all in this together, and amidst all the lies and half-truths circling around in our heads, that is the truth.

Moving On

Many of you have read my previous post, which I just trashed because of how egregiously choleric it was. I realize now, hopefully before it’s too late, that many people feel too guilty about their race or background, and my strong rhetoric that undermined those factors were inherently racist. I hope no one misunderstands. Some of the things I say on this site are very strong, and spoken with such passion that it sounds like I am just an angry person bitter at the world all the time. This is not so. I actually am upbeat, and try to maintain a positive outlook. I am angry at a lot of the things the church does, bogus ideologies like manifest destiny (as my last post delineated), and the way America is run a lot of the time (I myself may be somewhat of a hypocrite in that regard, unfortunately, I wish I could say I was a freelance writer, but I am a sales associate at a retail store), but my anger does not define me, or this blog. What is most important is change, in people’s hearts, and turning a heart of stone into a heart of flesh. Sometimes, however, people’s hearts are so fleshy that they are damaged by words of stern rebuke.

You also have gotten from this site that my religion is clear-cut, down-to-the-line, and definitive. Not so. I am often grappling with biblical principles, as you have read in my first post. I do believe the main messages of the Bible is for people to repent of their own sins (something, admittedly, I don’t do often enough), and become reconciled to God, and for the oppressed to be alleviated of their oppression, and not hell, superstition, and close-mindedness like so many  churches teach these days. Sometimes I feel like I’m moving on from the faith, embracing a kind of unversalist deism if it wasn’t for hell and many other problems I have with Christianity and theism. As I said before, there is no slippery slope, and though it is very postmodern to say so, there is only a sleigh ride of varying altitudes. Whether scriptural rebuttal is afoot for that last statement or not, I think that as long as one’s heart is in the right place, as long as it is made of flesh and not stone, and one is desirous of mercy and not sacrifice, perhaps the sleigh ride will soar into the heavens. I think one’s heart ought to be in the right place.

And there is the next problem with my blog. I use the word “ought” a lot. And I mean, a lot. I tend to be persuasive… and that’s an understatement. But I don’t want to come off as some kind of “how-to” site or a make a list of “shoulds” or “oughts.” Ideally, I want my site to look over important, crucial aspects of our society and review them carefully and logically. What it has been doing is just be a place to vent my rage and unleash my anger. That is not constructive. From now on, I want my blog to be that. I want it to be logical and researched, like good journalism.

So, thank you for following me thus far. I hope I haven’t offended anyone along the way, or hurt anyone’s feelings, especially with that last post (now deleted). If some toes need to be stepped on, I hope I do it in a gracious way that allows for healing and not just anger and further argument. That is all for now.

The God Game

There is a certain phrase that explains the entire Republican agenda these days. and it is this one: “God helps those who helps themselves.”

The blame game needs to stop in America today. The endless cycle of lies, proliferation, and propaganda that brandishes God as a political weapon now needs to end, and it needs to end now. The Republican regime to use God as such and the Democratic one needs to end. I know it will not, but when I see God used in such unruly ways, an appeal to politics and pontifications and speeches and demonstrations, I cringe. And I will tell you why. We are human. We have no business to tout God for selfish reasons, or else we are being prideful and arrogant. Read more…

Eye of the Needle

I listened to a Christian Conservative radio station that touts its mission to “keep the faith.”

How, and in what sense, do we need to “keep the faith” in America, and what does that mean, exactly? It is time to address this in meticulous care. Some of you who have read this blog know a little about how critical I am about the Christian Conservative faith and “fast food” churches, and before I continue, I will say that I am by no means a fruit fly who can easily fit through the eye of the needle, nor do I know the way exactly as Jesus knew it, or know it as I believe he knew it. I make mistakes all the time, and am by no means an exemplar in every area of life. I merely speak my mind, and hope that I can walk the talk in one way or another. Read more…

The Convicted Samaritan

I have lived within the Christian community my whole life, and I have very rarely, in spite of many posts on this blog, seen the rampant selfishness, the self-righteousness, and the superficiality that so many naysayers of the Christian faith have put forward, and is seen evident in America today with rampant Christian conservatism, fast-food churches, and so on. I know this because of the Christian college I went to. Read more…