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The God Game

December 31, 2012

There is a certain phrase that explains the entire Republican agenda these days. and it is this one: “God helps those who helps themselves.”

The blame game needs to stop in America today. The endless cycle of lies, proliferation, and propaganda that brandishes God as a political weapon now needs to end, and it needs to end now. The Republican regime to use God as such and the Democratic one needs to end. I know it will not, but when I see God used in such unruly ways, an appeal to politics and pontifications and speeches and demonstrations, I cringe. And I will tell you why. We are human. We have no business to tout God for selfish reasons, or else we are being prideful and arrogant.

The liberals will tell you we need big government to further our schools, our sidewalks and parks, our colleges and universities, our livelihood and general well being. They will tell you that we need to erase babies from mother’s wombs because they are a burden or are unnecessary. They will tell you that we need to revamp the meaning of marriage, and indeed, our very way of life, and at some point in time, big brother will be watching, and we will have hell to pay if we  break his rules.

The conservatives will tell you the opposite. They will tell you that God helps those who helps themselves, and that He is the God of the wealthy and the well-off (ha! even more outrageous). They will tell you that this nation needs leadership and management, but that this cutthroat, evil capitalism that so governs our nation is appropriate as much as it wins God’s approval. They will take the power from the bear and give it to a snake. They are even worse, I might say. But either trip leads to immediate disaster. The God game is played by both contenders, but neither is going to win.

I will tell you that God is not a God of the well-off or the Rockefellers or the Walt Disneys or the Rick Warrens. I will tell you that God is not the God of the Clintons or the Obamas or the Dawkins. God is much more powerful, and much more grand. God is the God of the Lazaruses and the Cinderellas and the people who have no names because we never gave them a chance in hell. The people who throw God around like a ball will be smashed to pieces in the end, because He is not a game to be played by feeble mortals. God is alive and He is bigger than Big Brother. He is bigger than the giant corporations who love to do business and make money until they have enough to buy a world. In the end, He will win, and that is the end of it. And the ones rejoicing with Him will be the weak, the oppressed, the sick and the abused. The only way to swim the river of justice upstream is not to climb the evangelical ladder that America loved to build, but to admit that you are weak, that you are only human, and that you are wrong. When we become like little children, He plays the flute for us, and we do dance. He plays the dirge for us, and we do mourn. This complacent, unabidingly stoic yet derisive culture we live in America has no room for dancing and mourning or becoming like little children. We have to rise to the top, to push everyone else off, and make as much money as possible. But to what end? We have to tax the rich who have made it to the top so we can build parks and fund teachers and become enlightened. But for what purpose? America is godless, and will always be so. But to see God used as a political weapon and as a tool to further one’s status makes me sick. And it needs to end.

Last time the economy collapsed there were two world wars coalescing with the event. Let’s not have another one. Let’s build a world that needs childlike innocence to live in it. Let’s build a world that little children can look at and smile. Let’s build a world that is free of the importune, egregious blame game and the unnecessary, blasphemous God game. Let’s build a world where we are all humble and loving and true to each other, and one that God can look down on and smile at. Let’s not build a world of sterile, fake happiness based on liberal ideas; nor a world that only the privileged can enjoy and truly appreciate because their fathers did, according to the conservative code. Let’s bridge the gap right now before it goes so far apart that there are two continents.

But that won’t happen. Humans are too selfish and cruel. We will most likely have another world war, and God will have to step in at some point. At least, I hope He does. There is a phrase that fits our situation perfectly: “The only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”


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  1. Best Rant I’ve Heard In Weeks!!!

  2. Reblogged this on Sacred Struggler and commented:
    This blog is the best rant I have heard in a very long time. Does God only help those who help themselves? American politics of the Right says Yes!

  3. Do not let the best be the enemy of the good.

    America is angry, it seems to me, even the Christians are angry. I see it as a great conversation, with people saying things from that God sends storms to punish America for gay marriage, to whatever you like- and some opinions can no longer be held, because we have tested them to destruction. Sometimes you need to go to the end of the cul de sac before you can go back on the main road.

    So, yes, some people become like little children, and lead on others, and are not made sick by those using God for political ends but find the good in what they say, and encourage it.

    • Thanks for your semi-rebuttal. I realize there are people on both sides of the political battle who are looking for true healing and reconciliation. I just get angry when people say it’s either our way or the highway on certain matters. Maybe I was guilty of that in this post, but I truly think humility in all areas of life is so important, especially for conservative Christians.

  4. Wow, very strong and powerful, especially the paragraph about how big God is. Love it.

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