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Moving On

February 18, 2013

Many of you have read my previous post, which I just trashed because of how egregiously choleric it was. I realize now, hopefully before it’s too late, that many people feel too guilty about their race or background, and my strong rhetoric that undermined those factors were inherently racist. I hope no one misunderstands. Some of the things I say on this site are very strong, and spoken with such passion that it sounds like I am just an angry person bitter at the world all the time. This is not so. I actually am upbeat, and try to maintain a positive outlook. I am angry at a lot of the things the church does, bogus ideologies like manifest destiny (as my last post delineated), and the way America is run a lot of the time (I myself may be somewhat of a hypocrite in that regard, unfortunately, I wish I could say I was a freelance writer, but I am a sales associate at a retail store), but my anger does not define me, or this blog. What is most important is change, in people’s hearts, and turning a heart of stone into a heart of flesh. Sometimes, however, people’s hearts are so fleshy that they are damaged by words of stern rebuke.

You also have gotten from this site that my religion is clear-cut, down-to-the-line, and definitive. Not so. I am often grappling with biblical principles, as you have read in my first post. I do believe the main messages of the Bible is for people to repent of their own sins (something, admittedly, I don’t do often enough), and become reconciled to God, and for the oppressed to be alleviated of their oppression, and not hell, superstition, and close-mindedness like so many  churches teach these days. Sometimes I feel like I’m moving on from the faith, embracing a kind of unversalist deism if it wasn’t for hell and many other problems I have with Christianity and theism. As I said before, there is no slippery slope, and though it is very postmodern to say so, there is only a sleigh ride of varying altitudes. Whether scriptural rebuttal is afoot for that last statement or not, I think that as long as one’s heart is in the right place, as long as it is made of flesh and not stone, and one is desirous of mercy and not sacrifice, perhaps the sleigh ride will soar into the heavens. I think one’s heart ought to be in the right place.

And there is the next problem with my blog. I use the word “ought” a lot. And I mean, a lot. I tend to be persuasive… and that’s an understatement. But I don’t want to come off as some kind of “how-to” site or a make a list of “shoulds” or “oughts.” Ideally, I want my site to look over important, crucial aspects of our society and review them carefully and logically. What it has been doing is just be a place to vent my rage and unleash my anger. That is not constructive. From now on, I want my blog to be that. I want it to be logical and researched, like good journalism.

So, thank you for following me thus far. I hope I haven’t offended anyone along the way, or hurt anyone’s feelings, especially with that last post (now deleted). If some toes need to be stepped on, I hope I do it in a gracious way that allows for healing and not just anger and further argument. That is all for now.


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