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The Importance of the Soul

April 18, 2013

I know I have promised a post on homosexuality, but I have been busy, and do not have the time to do proper research required for the task. Instead, this post will springboard off of my last post, delving into a topic that amazes me from time to time: the soul.Do we have souls? A common argument is that if I can say “this is my leg,” then there must be some kind of separation between the “me” and the “leg.” It belongs to me. The body and soul are separate in this way. It is a simple argument, to be sure. But that is not what is to be discussed today. Instead, I will assume that we have souls with no further exploration. What is to be discussed, then, is the marvel that the soul, that the “I” instills in me. I am me. And you are you.

Have you ever thought about that in great depths? I have bipolar, or a strain of bipolar, so I often have bouts of extreme depression. I often think that I ought to do away with my life… but as stated in the last post, if I were to do so, George Washington would have crossed the Delaware one less time, because the perception of him doing so would exist one less time, and the lens through which I looked at the historic event would vanish. I am not suggesting the whole universe revolves around you, or me, no; I am saying that we all contain a universe of potential in our soul, indeed, we are millions and billions of universes flowing with and against an ocean, a universe of many other universes. That is how powerful, how amazing the soul is. To say you have a leg is one thing. To say you have an idea is like an angelic chorus.

What an amazing thing the consciousness is. It is a virtual compound of thoughts, predilections, sides, presumptions, and ideas. So next time you think about killing yourself, although the thought can be strong indeed, think about that. It is what always stays my hand. At least I still have my soul, I think to myself. And that is an amazing, amazing thing. One soul being extinguished is tantamount to an entire universe being extinguished.

And here, sadly, is where I must defend hell. I have often thought to myself, what makes humans so dangerous that they deserve living for an eternity in a river of fire? But this is exactly what makes us so dangerous, if Lucretius was wrong. What if the soul goes on living after the body dies? What then? Do we become creatures that could cause even more harm than what we already did as humans? Or better things if we were charitable when alive? Could we bring harm to other creatures in the universe, or indeed, more harm to each other, in some astral plane? There are many unanswered questions about hell. Atheists will snuff out hell by eliminating the soul, but in so doing they may be in denial of a very crucial aspect of the human condition. They may be forgetting the preciousness, the indescribable mystery, of human life.

Frankly, sometimes, I would desire this mortal life to be all I have, since it is so incredible. When I look inward, I can only pause in wonderment at my own being, at millions of other beings. In truth, “being” is all we’ve known – an all we will ever know. That is “enough” for me, though perhaps God would like me to do more, to be more. And I know in my heart that if there will be something more, it will be more than a fascist Heaven or a horrendous Hell.

To sum up, perhaps this piece has been somewhat egotistical, and I apologize for any of that. But it is not only about me, or my own being. It is about you, the reader, as well as myself. Just think about it, for a moment, that you and not just me or him exist, and you will chuckle, I am sure. It surely is a funny, uplifting thing. Perhaps this alone, since it is so unlikely that you or I should or would exist, proves the existence of God in one way or another.


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