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The God Game

There is a certain phrase that explains the entire Republican agenda these days. and it is this one: “God helps those who helps themselves.”

The blame game needs to stop in America today. The endless cycle of lies, proliferation, and propaganda that brandishes God as a political weapon now needs to end, and it needs to end now. The Republican regime to use God as such and the Democratic one needs to end. I know it will not, but when I see God used in such unruly ways, an appeal to politics and pontifications and speeches and demonstrations, I cringe. And I will tell you why. We are human. We have no business to tout God for selfish reasons, or else we are being prideful and arrogant. Read more…


Eye of the Needle

I listened to a Christian Conservative radio station that touts its mission to “keep the faith.”

How, and in what sense, do we need to “keep the faith” in America, and what does that mean, exactly? It is time to address this in meticulous care. Some of you who have read this blog know a little about how critical I am about the Christian Conservative faith and “fast food” churches, and before I continue, I will say that I am by no means a fruit fly who can easily fit through the eye of the needle, nor do I know the way exactly as Jesus knew it, or know it as I believe he knew it. I make mistakes all the time, and am by no means an exemplar in every area of life. I merely speak my mind, and hope that I can walk the talk in one way or another. Read more…

The Convicted Samaritan

I have lived within the Christian community my whole life, and I have very rarely, in spite of many posts on this blog, seen the rampant selfishness, the self-righteousness, and the superficiality that so many naysayers of the Christian faith have put forward, and is seen evident in America today with rampant Christian conservatism, fast-food churches, and so on. I know this because of the Christian college I went to. Read more…

I think Prothero here is saying things worth saying. To say that the massacre was in any shape or form God’s will is an explosive, unmitigated misguidance that is in every way worth reprimanding.

CNN Belief Blog

Editor’s note: Stephen Prothero, a Boston University religion scholar and author of “The American Bible: How Our Words Unite, Divide, and Define a Nation,” is a regular CNN Belief Blog contributor.

By Stephen Prothero, Special to CNN

(CNN) — There are a lot of things I am sick of hearing after massacres such as the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Here are six of them:

1. “It was God’s will.”

There may or may not be a God, but if there is, I sure hope he (or she or it) does not go around raising up killers, plying them with semiautomatic weapons, goading them to target practice, encouraging them to plot mass killings and cheering them on as they shoot multiple bullets into screaming 6- and 7-year-old children. Much better to say there is no God or, as Abraham Lincoln did, “The…

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The Weeping Monster

I have just read this blog, and it is time to talk about mental illness in America. Guns may not be as much an issue as violence in young people’s minds is, and I am very familiar with violence and insanity, for I have bipolar, and I have been in the throes of mental illness in the past, worrying teachers, family, and friends. I know what it’s like. I can even remember clearly what I was thinking in my state of mania. And most of the time, it is not pretty, or just ridiculous. I have to keep what I identified as “silly thoughts” at bay every day, all day. But it is exactly these silly thoughts, and this rapid, thoroughgoing imagination that makes up who and what I am. I am not defined by my bipolar, by my bisexuality, or any other label that society levies on me. I am defined by my actions, my words, and my decisions. So was Adam Lanza, and the person in the aforementioned blog. Who I am cannot be labeled. And no power on Earth can stop that. Read more…

To Debunk a Mockingbird

Many people are trying to dispel the “Jesus myth” these days, not least Dan Brown (however badly written or ill-construed the series was). For one, the Council of Nicaea most definitely needed to be inspired by God, or else many basic tenants of the Christian faith come crashing down. There were many gnostic gospels, a revelation to Peter, and apocalyptic works that make little sense to us. Why did we decide to make the books we have as canon? It remains to be seen what would have come of things if we had put the Gospel of Thomas amidst Mark and Matthew and so on. The final authors behind the Gospels were not Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, as I have learned recently. Their accounts may very well be some kind of legend that was passed down from person to person until the vaunted Council. Read more…

The End of the World Part III

In my last two posts, I talked about the end of the world as it pertains to the Bible and what eternal life implies or suggests. Today it must be addressed that at the end of the world, things must be wrapped up in some kind of strife or war. Good vs. Evil in the final, end-all-be-all of the human race, and in some iterations, the battle will even involve angels (whatever angels are supposed to be). Read more…